YOH STUDIO: Create Beautiful Spaces and Images

YOH STUDIO is a Greater Toronto Area (GTA)-based company providing professional photography, home staging and other value added services. Our mission is to create beautiful spaces and images.

We consist of a team of accredited professionals dedicated to providing our customers with the following high quality services:

• Real Estate Photography and Home Staging
• Portrait Photography
• Event Photography
• Stock Photography
• Graphic Design and Photo Products
• Wechat Social Media Marketing

To find out more about the photography and other value added services we offered, please check out "Photography Services".

About Jessie Feng

Chief Photographer/Staging Designer & Founder of YOH STUDIO

I live and breath with photography. It is my favorite form of expression and excitement to use cameras as well as my eyes and heart to create images that capture the true essence of the subjects, from people to events, and from real estates to landscapes. With a background in journalism and communications, I approach my work with a specific documentary and candid style, developed over years of academic training in photojournalism and related experience. I also take into account your special needs and individual style. I make every effort to create natural and unique pictures that show your real personalities and tell your own stories, to reflect your professionalism, excellence and confidence, and to capture precious memories of your life that you can always feel and taste, for years to come. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your photography needs or book a photo session. I would love to connect with you and hear your stories before picking up my camera.

About Lei Xu

Chief Photographer & CEO of YOH STUDIO

"Pictures is more than a thousand words." It is what my photography teacher told every student in the classroom when I took my first photography lesson. I couldn't agree with him more.There are always some special photos that make your heart melt, draw a tear, make you laugh, or remind you a wonderful moment in your life. I hope I can be the one to help you capture the moment and freeze it in your memory.I'm a loving mom of two kids, living in Oakville of GTA. I have intense experience in shooting different events, like birthday parties, ceremonies, family gatherings, skating, hockey tournaments, ice shows, and sports. Please contact us and let's make precious memories together.

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